an awful number,
an absurd fact,
an exciting solution.

The awful number is 16,394.

baby girl

That’s how many children will die around the world…today.
Tomorrow. Every day.

The absurd fact.
They will die from diseases we already have cures for.
Hard to believe, isn’t it? Can’t something be done?

An exciting solution.
Our current project is The Grace Babies Curriculum: a unique blended learning course that is custom-made to certify healthcare workers to save babies’ lives.

What babies need most.
The first 28 days of life are critical. Keep them healthy, and their chances for a long life skyrocket. In poor and remote locations, however, skilled care is rare. The Grace Babies Curriculum (GBC) is a combination of online, printed, and classroom learning that gives remote and poor doctors and nurses proven procedures and the opportunity to study when and where they can—on a laptop or even a smart phone.

At last, a safety net.
baby and momBabies in the developing world have no monthly checkups, no insurance and no support. GBC gives them a chance.

A number, a fact, and a solution. Today, and every day, thousands of children die from diseases we already have cures for. Because of the Grace Babies Curriculum, some of these babies…won’t. is creating GBC, free of charge.
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See a sample of our work in progress.

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